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Fresh from the Garden!

Knowing that our local gardening guru has a splendid vegetable patch, I asked if he had anything interesting that he could spare for me to paint. I think he must not have heard the word "interesting" as he appeared soon after with a round lettuce. Not quite what I had envisioned! However, a magnificent specimen of round lettuce it was, and I felt duty bound to paint it. It was the most difficult vegetable I have ever painted, there were several wipe outs and it nearly went in the bin several times. However I'm glad I persevered - here it is - all the greens enhanced by the touch of red from the radishes, in true Turneresque style. This is now hanging in The Beeby Gallery in Olney that has taken several of my paintings, two of which, I'm pleased to say, have sold already - Something Fishy and Loving Lemons. I hope someone else will see the beauty in this commonplace salad basic and want it on their kitchen wall. Green and red kitchen anyone? - or it would brighten up a white wall!

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