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Lazy summer's day BC

It’s funny isn’t it, that doing nothing takes up so much time? I was horrified to see that my last blog post was back in April. I had a nagging feeling that I hadn’t written anything for some time but didn’t realise it was that long! I’m not alone in this. I’ve noticed other blogs I follow have slowed too. Hardly surprising really – if you don’t go out, see people and more importantly talk to them - what can spark off a thought that leads to writing something? Introspection is a possibility I suppose but I’ve never been one for deep self examination and certainly wouldn’t want to write about my innermost thoughts, even if I could remember them, as I’m sure they’d bore the pants off you.

I have been painting throughout the summer and following on from my last post about age, I thought I’d share this painting I did recently. I was going to title it The Oldies but since the subjects are my friends and husband, thought they might not be happy about that. We've been friends for over 40 years and in our heads this is not how we see ourselves! The painting is a memory of a lovely day spent last summer (BC- oh do you remember those carefree days?) at an English Heritage property in Hampshire – Luttrells Tower, situated by The Solent, that is to the right but out of sight in the painting. Jacqui, inquisitive by nature, was busy studying an app on her phone that gave details of all the shipping news in the Solent and she kept us regularly informed of the origins, destinations, contents, weights and passenger numbers of passing yachts, ferries and container ships – facts obviously, that no self respecting holiday maker could be without. The fact that she was so fascinated was funny in itself, but it was surprisingly interesting. It’s a nice memory, of friends relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day - a quintessential English afternoon in the garden.

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