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Waiters,waiting to wait.

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Under swathes of pale blue and white voile, propped tent-like by thick wooden poles, crowds of people are sitting on cobalt blue benches and white rattan sofas strewn with crisply laundered white cushions. The place is humming with conversation and laughter. The white painted tables are laden with traditional arabic fare. This is the popular Arabian Tea House Restaurant in the Bastakiya, Dubai, the only traditional styled area left in the city, now restored and housing art galleries, artisan crafts and wonderful restaurants.

As their customers (including me) enjoy their food, two waiters take a brief break. I was fascinated by their intricately wound keffiyeh and was surreptitiously taking a photo when the nearest waiter turned towards me. I was cross at the time as it wasn't the image I was after, but later I realized what a great composition it would make, their backs echoing curves - and that lovely face!

This was the image I was after. They wind their sparkling white, fine muslin squares around their heads, creating beautiful folds down their backs. Fascinating!

September disappeared rather fast as I was busy with exhibitions and am now desperately tidying the studio for our annual South Northamptonshire Art Trail. Things will be calmer soon as winter approaches. Brrrr.....

Thanks for taking the time to read and visit. -- Sue


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